2 litters from Hellcat's:

CAC/CERT: 15 st, CACIB: 9 st





Nollan and Pates puppies were born 22/5.

They were 11 puppies but one of them was dead at birth. Nollan loved them at ones but the first days was very critical for the puppies and two of the females died. Now they are all feeleing well and are growing rapidly. It's 5 girls and 3 boys and tomorrow they will be 2 weeks old. It is now a time when it happens very much and they develop for every day that pass by, yesterday they opened up their eyes. Now we look forward to them getting a bit older so that we can start to have visits from our eager byers. One female is still not booked so if you are interested let us know! Delivery from 17/7.




The ultrasound today shows a lot of puppies in Nollans (Hellcat's Heaven)!

We are so happy, the perfect easterpresent!

They are expected to be born 26/4.

Contact us if interested in one of the little ones!

Happy easter!


We are planning for puppies on the kennel in the spring 2014

between our SEUCH FIUCH Hellcat's Heaven and Kinglords Mr Ocean Soul.


More information under Puppyplans in the Menu.




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